"I have been working with Scott for nearly a year on my improving my marketing and business development skills, and implementing a strategy that makes sense for my business. Scott has had great suggestions and advice, and has really helped me to improve in these areas. He holds me accountable, is responsive, and is willing to modify strategies and suggest new tactics as necessary. In addition, Scott is always positive and a pleasure to work with. I look forward to my meeting with him as I always come away with great action items. I would recommend Scott to anyone looking to increase their business."
-- Mark Spitz – Attorney, Spitz Legal Counsel LLC

"I'm a good accountant, but when it came to "rainmaking" at my practice… I needed help. I started working with Scott almost a year ago, and he has helped me to transform my company in a lot of great ways. My average monthly revenue has doubled, I implement new strategies and techniques in my sales process to increase positive results, and we're developing new ways to set my practice apart from other accountants and attract the type of clients that I love to work with.
Scott's approach to coaching combines the right amounts of accountability and inspiration. When you're running your own business, it's easy to let things slide and not get around to business development tasks. Scott keeps me on track, holds me accountable for doing the things I say I am going to, and even inspires me when I'm just not feeling up to the task of motivating myself.
I would HIGHLY recommend that anyone who wants to grow their business, or even just become more effective at running their business, establish a working relationship with Scott Lippitt."

-- Kaleigh Canavan - Owner, Canavan Financial

"Scott has had a huge impact me since we've started working together one year ago. Both on a personal and professional level, Scott gets down to "brass tacks" and address the root of what is stopping you, and demands that you stay in action mode. Hire him only if you are truly committed to achieving your goals."
-- Jonathan Defez - Director of Sales and Business Development at Optimum Networking

Elevator Pitch Template
"Each of us are working separately through the 10 second/30 second elevator pitch module as Program. We are both finding it extremely helpful. Listen... if all the rest of your modules are like this one, we have good reason to be excited about this opportunity! "

-- Gail and Bob

Trucking Company Triples Revenue in 3 Months
"Since taking on this marketing system to assist in our strategic direction, my company has increased revenues from $14K to a whopping $52K per month! I would like to say it was a difficult process... but in truth, it was simply a little outside the box thinking. Over the next 12 months my goal is to take revenues to $100K per month and I believe it will absolutely happen thanks to all the done-for-you advertising and marketing resources afforded to me for my monthly fee. "

-- Brent Easton Haro Trucking

E-Learning Client Lands $1 Million Dollar Contract!
"Just after joining your program, I realized the opportunity I was missing by not leveraging my past clients. I immediately implemented a follow up program I observed in the online system strategy library. That one observation has since generated a $1,000,000.00 contract. I have worked one to one with the likes of Arnold Palmer and and this system is a GREAT online marketing coach! "

-- Sean Boake SPB Contracting

21% Response Rate from One Mailing!
"The first marketing initiative we used from the E-Learning System enabled us to generate 164 new leads in a 9 day period... with many others coming in after that. Thank You! "

-- Windy Howden

Not Bad for a Garbage Man!
"After taking on your online program my company did $245,000 in sales due to your basic principles (namely loss leader, referrals and disciplined follow up). The future looks bright and I cannot believe everything you do for me for $97 per month!!! This is a Godsend to every small business owner. Bless you all! "

-- Wally Humer